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Nick Logan - OC

Mercenary, Tech Monkey, and sometime Were!jaguar

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Name:Nick Logan
Nick Logan is a street kid turned mercenary. Orphaned young, he bolted from a shitty group home at ten and figured out fairly early that he could live a lot more comfortably using the gadgets he had a gift for making from scrap to break into ATMs or get around store security systems than he could picking pockets, shop lifting, or turning tricks. By the time he was fourteen Grimm had taken notice and he didn't need to be asked twice, he jumped at the chance to join up and has been there ever since.

Wonderland is his third team and he's been there since the day it formed, longer than even the current Alice. He's watched team-mates wash out, age out, and bleed out after a job gone bad and he's more than a little resentful at having been passed over for Wonderland's field leader the last time round...even if he does actually get that his age (24) and his somewhat sketchy people skills mean he's not exactly ideal leadership material.

He's gruff and laconic, and he's honestly more comfortable with his gadgets than he is with most people. He knows he's pretty, he just doesn't particularly care and he's suspicious of anyone else who seems to. He's also very large, very muscular, good with knives and guns, and does just fine in the field, thanks, even if he is the tech guy. He's damn good at his job, and he's always in the middle of putting some new toy together. Basically, if it can be built and it's not meant to go boom then he's your guy.

Odds are very good at any given time that he has a smear of grease somewhere on his face, hands, or neck that he missed wiping off. Oh, and he's queer as a $3 bill and doesn't particularly care who knows, and if you care it's your problem not his.

Were AU: Nick was accidentally turned as a toddler by the enforcer for the South American drug cartel his junky parents owed money to. He was the only survivor when his family was made an example of. Everything else is pretty much the same, other than shifting for the first time at fourteen was as much what led to him being collected by Grimm as his precocious tech skills.

Player and character both well over 18

Shadow City details: Is 22, a shifter and pre-Grimm blowup.
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